Why Choose

Domestic DC Systems?

Our Commitment

Stefan Maier is the founder and owner of Domestic DC Systems, and a member of the Chestnut Hill neighborhood in Orange, Massachusetts. This neighborhood is known for its commitment to renewable energy solutions, locally grown food and the "North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival".

Here in 1999, Stefan built a 3-story 5600 sf. timber frame building to house Stefan Maier Tracker Organs. He equipped this building, the main residence and various out buildings with solar power and solar battery backup systems. DDCS was established in 2011; an inevitable off-shoot of Stefan's combination of skills acquired as a European-trained Organ Builder and technophile, as well as his dedication to sustainable living practices and building healthy communities.

Since then, Stefan has helped many people move more into alignment with their own principles by helping them to become less reliant on the typical grid system, thus also increasing their energy resilience and financial stability.

Our Regional Focus

We consult for, and install both business and home battery backup systems in the greater North Quabbin region of western Massachusetts, the Northampton, Amherst, Greenfield areas and the hill towns. We also install systems in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire. We prioritize local suppliers for high quality solar power and solar battery backup system components.  The relationships that we develop with our suppliers and our customers are very important to us. Most solar power and solar energy backup installations require little maintenance. However, we are here for the duration and available for assistance whenever needed.

Individualized Solutions

Many of the larger solar companies will sell you money-making off-the-shelf solutions. Our systems are always matched to the needs and the budget of our individual customers.  Stefan's vast experience in design work, construction, physics and craftsmanship allows him to deliver an efficient, customized solution for nearly any battery backup system needed. "Going-Green" can be done in small or large steps.

*All electrical work is done by licensed electricians.

North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival crew on a kayaking excursion.
Stefan explaining battery backup systems at the Garlic and Arts Festival in Orange, Massachusetts.
DDCS display at the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival.