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"Working with Stefan Maier and his team at DDCS is a truly energizing experience. The garage and farmstand they designed and built for us is equally beautiful and functional. Their deep knowledge of photovoltaic systems combined with creative thinking and great customer service made for an exceptional project. We could not be happier with the outcome and highly recommend them for your home, business, or farm projects."

Ricky Baruc and Deb Habib Seeds of Solidarity Farm - Orange, MA

"It has been a pleasant experience to work with Stefan Maier of Domestic DC Systems on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of our 2016 thirty-six panel, 8.46kW system; placed on three pedestals with balanced seasonal tipping devices, this system utilizes a battery bank to back up for grid power outages. Stefan is knowledgeable, meticulous and willing in all aspects including maintenance and operational advice. Best wishes on your project. Domestic DC Systems is a reliable choice."

E and B Pauli New Salem, MA

"Everything works perfectly as intended. Electric* bills are history. Tax credits are lovely as is the freedom from being a utility customer. I highly recommend Stephan and the crew to do this with."

Ken Shapiro Massachusetts

"We talked to numerous solar salespeople; Stefan was the first to agree that an inverter capable of battery back-up makes sense and is possible."

Jonathan Conway, MA

"Stefan Maier of DC Systems is a high quality solar energy system installer* that worked closely with us to recommend and install* a 13kW solar array with a Pika Energy Island (Pika Inverter + 17 kWH Harbor Smart Battery + Generac grid-tie switch).  It was a challenging install*, but he and his team installed* a great system at a competitive price.  Two years ago Stefan correctly predicted that incentives would be coming to make our battery investment financially more viable.   We couldn’t be happier with Stefan’s attention to our needs, his follow-up, and addressing a minor unexpected hardware issue that came up since the install*.  People like Stefan make Western Massachusetts a great place to live with solar power and alternative energy solutions, and we strongly endorse him.  ~ Thanks from our entire family on giving us the ability to have a petroleum free, self-sufficient home via the Pika (now GENERAC) Self-Supply option, SRECs, and a negative electric* bill."

G. W. Leeds, MA

*All electrical work is done by licensed electricians.