Solar energy with battery storage

Grid-Tied PV Systems

A photovoltaic (PV) system that generates electricity with solar panels. Grid-tied systems are interconnected with the power grid through a grid interactive inverter. Thus, electricity can flow TO or FROM the power grid depending on your needs and production.


Hybrid Systems

A Hybrid System is a grid-tied system that has a battery backup component. It can function during a grid outage to provide power to your home. Therefore, the back-up requirements for this system are normally on a smaller scale and tend to be less expensive.


AC or DC Coupling

Through AC or DC Coupling a pre-existing solar energy system can be upgraded to function during an electrical* grid outage. This upgrade is highly beneficial because typically, all solar energy installations* are dependent on the grid to function.


Off-Grid or Battery-Based

These are battery-based backup systems. Because of this addition to the system, critical appliances are powered from a battery bank during power outages. Batteries are charged from one or more sources. A true Off-Grid system generates it's power through solar panels.


"Large corporations, including solar companies, are currently pushing to lease people’s roofs and other suitable spaces due to high returns on their investment. This is especially true in Massachusetts."

Know your options.

Put energy profits back into your own pocket.

Financial incentives for owning your own PV System:
  • Up to 26% of total cost, including batteries, can be used as an income tax credit
  • Collect SMART Incentive payments for 10 years
  • Never pay for electricity* again with Net Metering
  • Become invulnerable to price changes 
Additional Benefits:
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduce dependency on oil companies
  • Increase your energy resilience by adding energy storage
  • Buy local

We are Certified Sonnen and Generac Installers. *All electrical work is done by licensed electricians.

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